Bold botanical art made into beautiful things.

The Fran Zone is an art and pattern design label inspired by all things botanical. It was founded in 2019 by Dutch artist and designer The Fran.

The Fran Zone’s designs are all based on original oil paintings by me. In 2019 I launched my first Majorelle Collection (summer) and two Hortus by Night Collections (autumn and winter). At the moment I am working on the 2020 fruit and gravity inspired spring/summer collection.

For now I offer silk and cashmere scarves, canvas and satin cushions and organic cotton. All designs are unique and limited edition. As of 2020 I am working on a new ‘paper product’ line: postcards, greeting cards and birthday calendars. Besides my own products my designs are also available as custom made carpets at TON Design, The Netherlands.

I love to create art and add my touch of beauty to this wonderful world, but I do not want to ‘stufficate’ it, so to speak. That’s why I only make high quality eco-friendly products. Choose well, buy less, enjoy a life time. (Or as my husband likes to say ‘get scarved for life’ XD).

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Hi, I am Francine, aka the Fran and I am the creative beating heart of The Fran Zone. I didn’t paint until I turned 30. But after that there was no turning back. It was time to create!

Curious by nature I kept developing the idea of art on fabric, resulting in scarves, cushions and cotton with my art designs printed on them.

Fascinated by the nature of the world and the world of nature I am currently exploring the art of evolution, gravity and physics. This leads not only to inspiration for my art and new collections for The Fran Zone. On a more personal level I am working on a interdisciplinary way of looking at environmental and community issues. For starters I am studying physics, evolutionary and plant biology. Right now I am matching my new perspectives with my background as a historian.

If you’d like to know more about this personal ‘mission’ so to speak: you can read my blogs here (in Dutch).


I believe in getting on the side of nature. I support eco-friendly living and connecting with nature on a personal, day to day level. In stead of differences I see connections. Through my art I wish to show a new way of life, connected to nature and to our community. A way of life in which we are nurtured by nature in stead of forcing it to take the shape we like it to have. An educated world with the human measure as a starting point.

I work together with talented female designers (such as Studio Glashelder) and with organisations that love to work together with nature as well (de Hortus Amsterdam).

Through my work I invite all women to broaden their minds, to find their joys, follow their hearts and use their voices. To highlight and guard all that they hold dear on this good earth.


On a small space of 12m2 in the city of Den Bosch, The Netherlands I paint, draw, sew, work with fabrics and explore other creative skills. One of my goals in 2020 is to expand my creative skills and to learn how to throw clay and to make wooden sculptures.

My ultimate dream is to one day have a small cottage in the Northwestern Scottish region of Wester Ross. Build a small shop next to it and create a great garden in front of it with a tiny tea house. That way I can combine all things I love to do: make art, create beautiful things, cater to plants and make people feel at home with a nice cuppa!

Once a year I take a creative retreat somewhere in Europe. In 2019 I painted the 2020 spring/summer collection in Catalonia while staying at an old ‘hacienda’ located on the slope of a hill in the country side near Olot. Sounds romantic right? Let me just say: I am not build for temperatures above 27 degrees Celcius. So I was very happy when I got home XD

schildervakantie spanje 2019 atelier

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