From postcards to birthday calendars: goodies printed with art by The Fran.

Postcards & greeting cards

art goodies by the fran: postcards and greeting cards

Different postcards and greeting cards sets, printed with my art.

Check them out and find your favourite set.


art goodies by the fran: birthday and annual calendars

Birthday and annual calendars featuring my art.

Check them out and find your favourite.


Don’t you just love to browse through museum shops? The sheer variety of art goodies always blows my mind! That’s why I wanted to start my own small online art goodies shop. For now I offer postcards, greeting cards, birthday and annual calendars.

I release new sets of cards every couple of months, featuring my most recent art. Every year around October / November I release a new annual calendar for the upcoming year. Every summer I release a new birthday calendar.

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In my experience it’s the art cards you receive that don’t get thrown away. They become happy little participants in your interior. Whether it’s pinned on a board, glued on the fridge, set down on the windowsill of maybe even framed on your desk.

That’s the reason I wanted to print my art on a variety of cards. So you (and your friends and family) would be able to enjoy my art in a low profile, affordable way.


People’s bathrooms are often small spaces of individuality and can provide an intimate glimpse into that person’s style. I love bathrooms that are turned into tiny museums or colourful sanctuaries filled with art, postcards, pictures of loved ones and calendars.

When I was younger I didn’t understand the people who put their loved ones on a birthday calendar and included their year of birth. But ever since I’ve got friends with children I totally understand it. All those people, they seem to multiply! Impossible to keep track of all their ages in your memory. So I hope these colourful art calendars will prove themselves useful in that respect. And I hope you’ll enjoy a different work of art every month.