The fact that I haven’t posted a blog in ages doesn’t mean I have been slacking in the studio as well. So here’s a long overdue overview of all the new collages I made over the last couple of months. Collages galore!


The end of the year 2020. I was exhausted because of everything that had changed or was about to change in my life. Another art studio, discarding our emigration plans at least for a couple of years, finding and buying a new home… I was so tired and couldn’t think about making art. Yet I kept on going to the studio every day. Just to be surrounded by my work and maybe find some energy. That’s when I started cutting old work up. And two weeks later I suddenly had all these new collages (19 pieces) staring at me from my studio wall.

They’re called homegrown for a good reason: this is what comes naturally. So this is what I am sticking with. CLICK HERE TO SEE + LEARN MORE.


After finishing the Homegrown collages series I decided to prepare for our upcoming house move. So I decided to start packing all my stuff and started organising my archive. That’s when I found all these old retro magazines I bought at the thrift store ages ago. Before I knew it I was cutting them op, pasting them onto each other. And without any intention I was making art again. And let me tell you a secret: that’s the best kind of ‘making art’ there is.

CLICK HERE TO SEE + LEARN MORE (12 pieces in total)


A new year a new beginning. After a very weird 2020 I figured we could all do with some refreshing new beginnings in 2021. So I cut up all my drawings from 2020 together with some even older art and started making new things. These nine collages emerged. I deliberately used a lot of lucky red, because a little luck is never wasted. Especially during these times!

CLICK HERE TO SEE + LEARN MORE (9 pieces in total)


After finishing my New Beginnings I had all these colourful ink parts left. I wanted to make good use of them because I loved all those intense and saturated colours. I started this series without a plan. Just cutting up everything I thought would work well with those ink layers. When the grid was complete and I started naming them I couldn’t help but to put seasons in their names. During those days I was just so very happy with the winter cold we were experiencing back then. It had been ages (two years actually!) and I am a sucker for frost, ice and icy winds.

With all their whites and blues some of them really felt like winter. There are some that represent spring and one that’s got more of an autumn vibe. But, like one of their titles: Winter always finds a way! CLICK HERE TO SEE + LEARN MORE (9 pieces in total).


This series is first and foremost the result of me wanting to experiment with different layers of ink drawings. After finishing the Winter Season series I wanted to try something different. So I started cutting up all old ink drawings from back in 2018. And I chose a series of ink drawings as backgrounds. Because I also wanted to add some colour and wanted to challenge myself I decided to only pick one series of oil paintings to cut up. After four days of cutting they came together quite quickly. CLICK HERE TO SEE + LEARN MORE (9 pieces in total)


So that’s that: collages galore! Currently I am getting used to working in the studio full time again after two months of renovating, cleaning, tidying and home making after our house move. Already drowning in collage supplies I decided to revisit some old work first.

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