Being in Brabant and on total lockdown because of corona I decided to make a virtue of necessity. I’ve been wanting to write this blog for about 5 months, but now’s finally the time. Get ready for the Rockcap Fern design! The fairy tale beauty of the Hortus by Night autumn collection.

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From painting to pattern

The Rockcap Fern design is based on the oilpainting Rockcap Fern I painted January-May 2019. I used oil paints and ink and tried to capture the crawling rockcap ferns I encountered during the Hortus by Night. To create the design I mirrored my painting and scaled it on scarfs, cushions and larger fabric which I made into table linens.

The Rockcap Fern design for me feels like the Hortus by Night design with the most enthralling contradiction between the shapes and the colours. While the shapes are alien-like tentacles which crawl over the fabric, reminiscent of an apocalyptic extraterrestrial race. The colours are soft, gentile pastels ranging from sweet lilac to soft pink. Maybe those aliens aren’t as maleficent as expected!

rockcap fern painting the fran zone 2019
rockcap fern design dessin the fran zone herfstcollectie 2019 hortus by night

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Rockcap Fern cashmere scarf

And like I said: it comes as a cashmere scarf. It’s soft, warm, luxurious and it’s the perfect accessory to colour up any outfit. You can were it around your neck, but just as easy wrap it around your shoulders or wear it as a headwrap.

Order it now in my online shop.

rockcap fern cashmere scarf the fran zone hortus by night autunm collection

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Rockcap Fern cushion

The Rockcap Fern cushion shines on every couch. But I have to say I particularly like it on dark grey sofas. I haven’t seen it on black yet, though, that may cause me to change my mind. What do you think?

Order now >

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Limited edition table linens

I’ve also ordered the Rockcap Fern design on organic cotton and turned it into one of kind table linens. It’s limited edition and handmade and it’s perfect for any fairy tale wedding dinner or extravagant party.

Order limited edition table linens now >

Matching jewellery by Studio Glashelder

As you maybe know by now: Studio Glashelder designs matching jewellery for all of my designs. And the one she made for the Rockcap Fern totally on theme: a triangle shaped glass jewel filled with a galaxy of stars. It adds to the space-like feel of the design and adds a whole new world to explore.

You can order it in my online shop >

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